That's right,
make it yours, all yours.

One should never have to sacrifice durability for beauty. Our philosophy is built into every piece we make. We have been designing and custom building our clients visions for the past six years. Born and raised in San Francisco, our company has the west coast edge and style baked into all of our products and solutions. After five years of good coffee and cutting edge brands, we opened up our east coast office in Delray Beach, Florida (bringing the west coast style and coffee with us).


Getting a custom solution is easier than you may think,
and cheaper too.

It starts with a challenge that can't be solved with a simple google search and ends with a HOLY %#*@ you made that work!

Step One.
First things first. We jump on a call or meet for a coffee so you can give us the full scoop on your vision for that perfect reception desk, unique conference table, crazy booth idea, full on cabinetry, you name it.

Step One Point Five.
Right after we get that cup of coffee, we are going to start brainstorming with you about the look and feel of your piece. Think finishes, colors, shapes, quirky little ideas you may have in that head of yours. Start dreaming about black iron, reclaimed wood, high gloss laminate, write-able surfaces, power in crazy places.

Step Two.
We take your concepts onto the design floor, laying them out and getting our creative juices flowing on creating the best solution within your budget. This includes generating CAD drawings calling out the specifics and overlaying those within your floorplan to guarantee your custom concept fits within your space.

Step Three.
You say you love it and we get to building it. We give you a timeline for installation, continually surprising clients with just how fast we can get it fabricated and into your space.

Step Four.
Fabrication is complete. We ship you the product for you to install OR (if you need an extra set of hands) we come on over and help pull it all together. Why not, we love traveling around and meeting our clients :)

Step Five.
We high-five. You enjoy your product and tell all your friends how cool we are.



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