It starts with here's my floorplan,
what can you do?

And, now we are smiling. We are not your ordinary furniture dealer. We represent a collection of cool, unique, short lead time products that allow for cost attractive solutions. Yep, that's right. You didn't even think that was possible did you?

We are founded on the belief that everyone deserves a solution they are proud of and that shouldn't be sacrificed because of narrow budgets and tight timelines. This philosophy is built into every piece we represent and every solution we build.

We have been designing and custom building our clients visions for the past six years. Born and raised in San Francisco, our company has the west coast edge and style baked into all of our products and solutions. After five years of good coffee and cutting edge brands, we opened up our east coast office in artsy Delray Beach, Florida (bringing the west coast style and coffee with us).


Getting a custom solution is easier than you think,
and usually cheaper too.

It starts with one person's vision, an idea for a new normal, and it grows into a culture. We work with individuals and corporations alike to identify a need, solve a problem, and generate a cohesive branded solution that takes an every day space and creates a memorable branded experience.

How? Well that's our little secret.

Step One.
First things first. We want to take a little field trip and get to experience your space today. Whether that is walking your existing office, touring your future hotel site or brainstorming your next restaurant endeavor, we want to get inside your space and inside your head.

Step One Point Five.
Once you've given us the quick tour around your space, we want to dive into the floorplan. Don't have one? That's something we can help you with too. Either way, we will meet you where you are and help you move forward. (that includes budget and schedule too).

The more we know, the better partner we can be. Aligning on budget and schedule allows us to work together towards a common goal. Nobody is spinning their wheels and everyone is happy. 

Step Two.
We take your concepts back to the team and jump into the war room for a deep dive into who you are, what you are looking for and how we are going to get you there. We determine who from our team will be instrumental in your project and we hash it out from there. We will walk away with not only a plan but a timeline for you to see how we are going to get you from step one to meeting your deadline.

Step Three.
We present you with a formalized concept for your space. This includes everything from updated floorplans showing placement of furniture and graphics to CAD drawings for custom furniture and millwork. We will walk you through our ideas over a coffee (or a cocktail) and take you through from concept to final budget.

Step Four.
You let us know your thoughts on the space design and any questions or concerns you may have. We will work with you to get those ironed out and then we jump into fabrication and build out!

Step Five.
This is where the rubber meets the road. It's also where we go all "Extreme Home Makeover" on you and convert the space you see now to the space you dreamed of. Sometimes this is over a week other times over a couple of days but regardless the end result is almost always the same : You enter, your jaw drops, you smile from ear to ear and we celebrate the killer space that's now your new home!



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