We love

It's a passion,
in a slightly obsessive kind of way.

No judging please.

To us, it's an awesome industry. It's an opportunity to shape a community, build a culture, evoke emotions, enhance workplace and definitely be a part of those places we tend to frequent; offices, restaurants, hotels, bars, parks... you get the idea.

We believe in building environments
that make memorable experiences.

It's that simple. Or atleast it can be.

A company should portray itself across every touchpoint. Not just the website or the logo but everywhere, including the physical space. This is the most impactful opportunity for your brand. Its the only place an individual gets to experience the brand through all five senses at once. A successful physical space is accomplished by intentional, thoughtful design, branding, and furniture. All elements should have reason, purpose and work to complement each other and the company’s DNA.  


Our model,
keep it simple.

Novel, not exactly. Hard to find, lets just say near impossible.

Furniture by design is functional, but it is also a perfect place to infuse a little personality and culture into a space. On every job, no matter what the size or style of the project, we pride ourselves in keeping these benchmarks in every decision. 



We build solutions
that meet your needs.

Pairing our collection of GRAINGLOSS products with our dealer network provides an inspiring foundation. Add in our custom solutions for those hard to solve spaces and you have the perfect storm!!



Custom doesn’t mean more expensive.

We have figured out how to provide unique solutions for clients while simultaneously reducing soft costs and enhancing quality. Let’s just say markup on furniture can be crazy if you aren't a savvy shopper!



Short lead times
do exist!

We know it’s a fast paced world and we want to set you up to win! You’ll see all our products ship to you in a max of 6 weeks with most being less.
Smiling inside?
We figured you would be.



Let's just say
we were born to go against the grain.

Being in and around the furniture industry for the past 28 years, we have seen furniture designs and trends come and go. Some good, some bad, some amazing and timeless. However, most share one thing---Mass production on a superhuman scale. Yeah, the furniture industry is massive and so are the majority of manufacturers that play in it. The solutions they develop are responding to the way we work; not as individuals per say but as a society as a whole and what the market trends and general studies suggest. While there is nothing wrong with this as companies remain profitable and efficient thru an "assembly line" approach, it does leave a disconnect between the specific user and the products offered. Mass produced products cannot respond precisely to one user’s needs.

So what is a company to do as it relates to furniture? What can they do to outfit their space with furniture that specifically addresses their individual needs so as to express their DNA? The unfortunate solution is for a company to succumb and settle for furniture that most closely aligns with their needs...until now. Enter GRAINGLOSS....

When we created GRAINGLOSS, we set out to form a company that was approachable and affordable for all users looking for well built, reliable, and unique solutions that aren't necessarily found in the traditional and mainstream. We source products from across the world and offer to our clients at prices below the industry standard. We are able to do this because of our low overhead and strong relationships with our partners. Simple. No special formula other than that.


Want a complete package from soup-to-nuts, 
take a look around the design floor.