The Good Old Returns


Our thinking on this is simple.
No one wants to deal with returns, right?!

Let's face it, returning anything back to where you bought it sucks…and the same holds true for the company that you ordered the item from. Not only is it a time suck on everyone but it can be expensive as all get out. In short, while we strongly discourage having to deal with returns, we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to call us to discuss any questions that you may have prior to hitting that good old "order" button.


We keep the company extremely approachable so we can make sure that we are there for you to assist you with any questions you may have. When you call us, you will get not only a friendly, knowledgeable HUMAN to talk to, you will get an owner to assist with any questions you may have on any product before placing the order.


If a product needs to be returned for any reason other than it is defective, we will unfortunately have to go the unpleasant route of charging a 20% restocking fee to cover expenses. If the product is defective, we will of course take care of the return of the item without question and either replace at no charge to you, work with you to find an alternate product, or provide a full refund, minus shipping.

Hopefully this answers any questions... if not just shoot us an email and we will be in touch!